Now, contrary to the title of this blog, my life is perfectly fine. No major dramas, no near-death experiences or life-changing revelations. Thank you for the undeserved concern though.

For those who don’t get it, the title of this blog is actually a pun describing an archaeologist’s life, since archaeologists usually deal with structutal ruins, broken artifacts and remains of once living things. Ain’t nothing pretty ’bout it. Hence, this blog will mainly be on archaeology, more often that not, Malaysian archaeology. Part of it is because at this moment of my life, I am an archaeologist in training. Or as a friend used to say, a “punk rock archaeologist”.

Once in a while, I will also write on culture, history, travel and all other things that make me tick. And do bear the occasional rants. I am usually quite reserved and I like to keep things to myself. So in a way, this blog will also be a way to express myself to the world. OK, that might sound a wee bit preposterous.

Enjoy and cheers!!!


OK, don’t believe everything you have just read above. An archaeology blog. That was indeed the initial intention. But ever since then, this blog of mine seems to have taken a life of its own. It’s like a wandering and pensive little Frankenstein now. Yeah thats about right. A monster with opinions. Oh well, nothing in life turns out the way you want it to be anyway. So just get on with it:) That’s when the excitements begin!

(updated 17 April 2009)


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