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Football crazy

Yeay!  It’s the start of the new season. What season you may ask? The football season! The season’s halfway through, you may say. But it’s the start of the new Malaysian football season. This guy has really buang tabiat – I hear some of you say – since when is he excited about the Malaysian football league?

Well, this season it is different. For the first time in Malaysian football history, a university team will be participating in the league. And that team happens to be USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia) FC!!! USM has been home for me for the past three years now. And today, in the first game of the season, we were up against the Pos Malaysia team, and we won 1-0! What a great start to the season! Ok, so USM is in the Malaysian Premier League. Although it is called the PREMIER league, it is actually the second tier league as the Super League is where all the big boys are. But that’s alright. Who knows, we might be able to grab a promotion spot come end of the season. Fingers crossed!

Interestingly, Sarawak (my home team) is also playing in the same league as USM. Geez I wonder which flag will I be flying when USM vs Sarawak.



Najib Razak: In the spirit of One Malaysia, I declare Monday, 1 June 2009 as a public holiday for all Malaysians in order to celebrate Hari Gawai and Kaamatan as one big happy family.


Ok, so Najib never said anything like that..but, Selamat Hari Gawai and Selamat Kaamatan to all Sarawakians and Sabahans!


“Racial” discrimination prevails yet again in One Malaysia

Nadia Selimin, a student from Sarawak who scored 9A’s and 1 B in the recent SPM examinations, was denied entry to further her studied at a matriculation college on the basis that her mother is a Chinese, regardless of the fact that her father is an Iban. As far as I know (do correct me if I’m wrong), regarding the complicated “race” and “bumiputera” status designation in Sarawak, one’s official race (I say official because it is what is stated in one’s birth certificate and identity card) is determined by the race of one’s father. In the example of Nadia Selimin, the fact of the matter is that her father, Selimin Kring, is an Iban, and therefore, it naturally follows that Nadia is also an Iban (as arbitrarily determined by the state for all purposes of legal circumstances such as in the bestowment of Bumiputera rights). And because she is an Iban, she should also rightfully be recognized as a Bumiputera and should have all the right in the world (or Malaysia to be  precise) to be accepted into a matriculation college. And if we follow the example of the neighboring state, Sabah, this “racial” discrimination issue should not have surfaced, because a Sin0-Bumiputera is automatically considered a Bumiputera regardless of which parent is actually Chinese.

Consider another example to show you what an absurdity this case (race designation) is. If an ‘orang putih’  man marries a Malay woman and they have a child, the child would not be considered a  ‘lain-lain’  (An other. In other words, a foreigner). He or she would automatically be recognized as a Malay. But if a Chinese (Malaysian) man marries an Iban woman and they have a child, the child would not be recognized as a Bumiputera, although half the blood that runs in his or her veins is Bumiputera blood, but instead would “officially” be a Chinese, and therefore denied of all Bumiputera rights for the rest of the child’s life.


Absurd beyond reasoning

“On Tuesday, Wong Chin Huat a voting reform activist was arrested and charged with sedition after he urged Malaysians to wear black to protest the Perak takeover.” (Al Jazeera 7/5/09)

I’ll wear black if i want to for the rest of my life for whatever reason and nobody can stop me.


Breed them young

Che Guevara among the toys

Che Guevara among the toys

The way to raise a revolutionary


To actually be the best or to pretend to be the best?

And you wonder why Malaysian universities are in the state they are in nowadays?

The Star, 16 April 2009

A UNIVERSITI Sains Islam Malaysia lecturer who passed only four out of 157 of her law students claims she was forced to resign so that the university could protect its reputation, Kosmo! reported.

Nor (not her real name) said the reason she left was because she could not stand the pressure from the university management on her to give “sympathy marks.”

“How am I to give extra marks if the marks they got is what they should be getting?” she said, adding that her downfall started when she received a show-cause letter on why so many students had failed.

She was then criticised by her superiors, who also wanted her to add marks based on attendance so as to reduce the number of failures.

“I stood my ground. How could I give them marks for that when it is their responsibility to show up for classes?” she added.

The university declined to comment.


It’s been a long time coming

It’s been a while since my last post. Blame Maxis. I have been having problems connecting to the internet for about a week already. And they say it’s because of some upgrading work being done in my area.

In the mean time, Pakatan Rakyat beat BN 2-1 (i am imagining the two parties to be two football rivals slugging it out on the field) in the tri-elections (Yes!!). And Liverpool were  beaten 1-3 by Chelsea at home in the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals. Sure, there were 3 other matches played. But the Liverpool loss was the most unexpected. And i guess you would say, “What?! Did you expect Barcelona to completely trounce Bayern Munich?” You bet i did. They’re the best team in the world right now. Heck, if Man U were to face Barcelona, i’d put all my money on the Catalans too, regardless of my being a die-hard Man U fan.

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